Bronze sculpture "Deer"

    • Handmade item
    • Height - 16" (41 cm)
    • Width - 15" (38 cm)
    • Weight - 5 kg 130 g
  • This sculpture is one of a limited number of deer which I did.
    Each piece is 100% Handmade and one of a kind.

    It's a pleasure to give souvenirs to hunters, because the hunting scenes in bronze are what they will look at for many years: to the moose, to the deer, to the roe deer, to the sensitive nose of the fox terrier, to the inflamed kulik, to the strained face of the hunter statuette - and to remember himself.

    If you want to give a gift to a friend or boss who is addicted to hunting; accompany a letter of gratitude or mark the retirement of an honored worker, the best solution is to buy a bronze statuette of a hunter.
    Favorite hobby, immortalized in a noble metal, is the best gift.

    Bronze casting, thanks to the fineness of detailing, allows you to convey the sight of the setter, frozen over the partridge, and the notch on the rifle butt. That is why hunting scenes in bronze are so often found in the offices of top managers and high-ranking officials, and met in tsarist times with the same frequency, because the image of hunting in bronze is full of dynamics, and for the sculptor there is no greater pleasure than to capture this brief moment of life And leave it for centuries.

    And, finally, hunting in a sculptural image is simply beautiful: unlike the present, there is no cruelty here, but only a sophisticated aesthetics.

    Therefore, deciding to buy a bronze statuette of a hunter as a gift to a person who loves the original occupation of people hunting - you will make the right choice.

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Category: Bronze sculpture, Deer

Type: Bronze sculpture

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