"I will soon become an adult..."

    • Watercolor paper, pencil.
    • 17,8 - 25,6" (45 х 65 cm)
    • 15 - 20" (35 x 50 cm)
    • 2018
    • Artist Valery Siurha.
    • The drawing is printed on a thick watercolor paper Fabriano 300mg / m2.
    • On the same paper I paint watercolor originals.
  • In this work I showed how clumsy and touching a puppy already dreams to be like his thoroughbred royal father, gain experience on hunting and become a real professional in this science. His parent is an example for him. He copies the habits of his father, his hunter's gene flows in his blood, he studies diligently and soon he will become as beautiful, full of grace and plastics.

    German shorthair pointer is a universal sports, hunting dog and a good companion.
    This breed hunts for birds, but it can become an unsurpassed hunter in large animals, even deer.
    Hunting instincts do not prevent the dog from being an affectionate and gentle friend.
    He loves to play with children and be with his family.
    I like this breed with elegant body proportions, expressive eyes, sharp mind and good-natured character.
    I always watch with what tremulous love my friends treat their beloved pets.

    I myself follow the correspondence of the color, identical to the color of the original watercolor. The similarity is 100%.
    The reproduction is extremely difficult to distinguish from the original.
    I supplement each seal with a pencil, pastel,tassel , because I want to revive the work even more, and it gets even closer to the original. It's not difficult for me, and the viewer gets even more pleasure from the picture.

    Each picture is numbered, my signature and an embossed stamp are placed, which can not be counterfeited.

    The picture is sent in a rigid tube.


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