Valery Siurha is a professional independent artist, working in the field of watercolor, graphics and sculpture.

In 1981 he graduated from the Ukrainian Art School, in 1987 - Kiev Academy of Art. Worked as a graphic artist in book publishing houses, illustrated over 300 books.

Member of the Artists' Union of Germany, the Czech Republic, the “Club of Graphs” (Philadelphia, USA), “Exlibris Center” (Arezzo, Italy).

Participant of group exhibitions in most European countries, USA, UAE. Prize winner: First Prize at the International poster competition “My Generation” (New York, 1990);

First Prize at the 8th International Mini-Print Biennale (Island. Velkorolski, Poland, 1995).

1st place in the competition AMERICAN ART AWARDS 2020.

Works are presented in private collections in Ukraine, Europe and the USA.

 Valery Siurha

When Valery was 7 years old, his father took him hunting. Since then nature, hunting, dogs and interest for all living creatures became a real passion of his life. All these themes find place in the artist’s creative works, which are incredibly vivid and realistic. His collections reveal the rich and multifaceted wildlife, allowing a viewer to look at the world through the hunter’s eyes and embrace it together with wild instincts, anticipation and uniqueness. Siurha’s animal art is a window through which viewers can see the beauty of hunting scenes, devotedly depicted in detail.

The way the artist portrays dogs, and especially their eyes, is more than breathtaking. It’s like you look into a dog’s eyes who is standing in front of you. Only a real expert can show it so astonishing. During long years of hunting Valery Siurha was studying dogs’ habits and behavior in wild spaces. This knowledge together with his admiration are evident in awesome collections devoted to different hunting dog breeds. His pictures aren’t focused only on beautiful grace and appearance of different dogs. His dog art accentuates every precious moment of hunting for animals and birds. That’s why you can find a lot of pictures with dogs in motion, jumping and following preys, shown against beautiful sunrises and sunsets. This hunting art will surely take you on an exciting journey, full of a wild spirit, adventures and sincere emotions.