About Valery Siurha Art studio

Siurha’s animal art includes great collections of art prints,

leather belts, caps, bronze pins, sculptures, representing hunting dog breeds, birds and wild animals.

An artist invites you on a breathtaking journey, full of contemplation of beautiful hunting stories in pictures created with a soul.

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My Bio

My great passion for portraying hunting dogs and depicting wildlife sceneries started with hunting many years ago. Since then I’ve never lost the interest in living creatures, moreover, my mission is to let all of you not only enjoy my hunting art, but also feel the breath of wildness, that inspired me.

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Art Commissions

I draw a watercolor commission on hunting theme and portraits of dogs. My art is devoted to the great inspirational variety of wildlife, endless spirit of freedom and everything that make a hunter’s heart sink in the deepest admiration. I’m happy to share my impressions and visions with you.

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"Love it very nice this print of Partridge"   —  Stijn

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Video with me

I myself follow the correspondence of the color, identical to the color of the original watercolor. The similarity is 100%.
The reproduction is extremely difficult to distinguish from the original.
I supplement each seal with a pencil, pastel,tassel , because I want to revive the work even more, and it gets even closer to the original. It's not difficult for me, and the viewer gets even more pleasure from the picture.

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I appreciate your attention to my hunting art and believe that my creative works, in which I put my love, my soul, and myself, will bring you much joy and aesthetic pleasure. Feel free to ask any question, I’ll respond as soon as possible.