Dog decal "Beagle"

  • Author's stickers with breeds of dogs.
    Durability 4 - 6 years, laminated to protect against burnout.
    Size 4,5 x 6" (12 x 15 cm).
    The collection will be replenished.

  • * Show off your fun, pet-loving side with this print «Yagdterrier»!
    It would look great on your car, laptop, cup, locker, or wherever you can see it often to make
    you happy.

    * This is a durable outdoor vinyl laminated decal, specifically made to last when used outdoors.
    This makes it perfect to use as a car decal, or in situations where it will be handled frequently
    such as a laptop sticker or cup decal.
    If used on a cup, please don't put the decal in the dishwasher or soak it in water.
    Handwashing is fine, but don't scrub the decal.
    * This decal will come to you with the transfer tape already applied.
    Application instructions and a sample decal to practice the application process are also
    Other 2 decals and third are free!

    Warmest wishes to you and your pets!

  • Ready to ship in 1 business day
    From Ukraine.

    Price 7.00 $ for all orders all ower the world.

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